CPGBrokers & Associates and their regional brokers have headquarter relationships with a range of retailers, large to small, in various channels throughout the US to ensure that your brand receives the most coverage. The channels include, but are not limited to: Conventional (Food, Drug, Mass-Merchandisers, Nutritional, Military, Hardware, Outdoor/Sports, Treasure Hunt, and Pharmacy/Grocery Independents), Natural, and e-Commerce.

4 Steps to Success

With 35+ years of Master Brokers experience, we believe that for a consumer brand to be successful, we need to follow these proven 4 Steps to Success:

1. Consultation & Agreement

It starts with an initial consultation with CPGBrokers & Associates to assess your sales, strategy, and where your brand is currently distributed.  We also do a deep dive into product positioning, product differentiation, sales and marketing budget, online reputation, and e-commerce/Amazon/.com footprint.  The goal of this step is to develop a roadmap with solutions to ensure that your brand achieves its goals and vision.

2. Terms & Conditions Proposal

CPGBrokers & Associates prepares a proposal, which includes the developed information from the consultation and assessment (scope of work), retailer strategy, broker management, sales management, channel pricing, and timing.

3. Representation Agreement

CPGBrokers & Associates provides a formal Agreement, which includes product pricing, company confidentiality, indemnification, compensation, terms, broker and sub broker performance expectations, etc.  Once this is agreed upon, the work then begins on the Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy and plan.

4. Go-To-Market Strategy & Plan

CPGBrokers & Associates brings their 35+ years of experience to the forefront when developing a GTM strategy and plan.  We start by creating a regional brokerage team, pulling from their secured, long-term sales broker relationships, based on the brand’s retailer goals and vision.  From there a strategy is developed and a plan is put into place to support the brand through the retail Buyer process, on-shelf approval, and ongoing promotions and brand awareness.

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