CPGBrokers & Associates is dedicated to getting your brand noticed online.  With a proven track record in e-commerce, we deliver innovation with proven digital solutions.

Account Management

CPGBrokers & Associates and their strategic e-commerce brokers will partner with your brand and top e-commerce retailers like Amazon, Walmart.com and other retailer Marketplaces (i.e. Kroger)..  We will help your company navigate through the digital e-commerce space with:

Digital and e-commerce strategy
Account, brand, and product setup
Brand store setup
Product distribution
Analysis and insights

Content Creation and Optimization

Ledford&Rhodes works hand-in-hand with CPGBrokers & Associates, their client, and the e-commerce retailer to create, deliver, and optimize engaging content for the consumer to drive conversion and sales.

They deliver mobile-first, SEO optimized and enhanced (A+) copy and visuals for your brand and product pages.  Ledford&Rhodes also delivers copy and visuals for ongoing campaigns and promotions for the brand and products.

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Consumer Marketing

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