Performance & Acceleration

Strategic financial planning and decision making through data analytics are the industry-leading catalysts that will drive your consumer brand’s performance and acceleration to stores. CPGBrokers & Associates will work as your one-to-one broker partner to strategize, plan, and optimize all of your brand efforts to ensure a major revenue impact is achieved through each retail channel.

Retail Data Analytics

CPGBrokers & Associates works with marketing agencies and consumer scan data companies to deliver insights specifically for categories, channels, brands, emerging brands, products, target consumer audiences, and more.  Through predictive modeling and analysis, CPGBrokers & Associates can determine the client opportunities with key retailers in the marketplace to drive performance and acceleration.

Strategic Financial Planning

CPGBrokers & Associates delivers data-driven strategies and insights to companies to collaboratively determine the financial priorities which drive the client’s goals and retailer distribution.

Brand Optimization

CPGBrokers & Associates utilizes their 35+ years of experience and agency partners to continuously analyze and optimize in-store, digital, sales, distributor, and marketing retailer activities.

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Performance & Acceleration

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