Plan Your Work…

Plan Your Work

Plan Your Work…

Focus and execution is one of the biggest strengths of CPG Brokers representing clients across multiple channels.  Nothing says it better than CPGBrokers’ strategy, using a detailed planning and analytics approach that promotes attention to brand building using a more rich, deeper client/account management best practice (account ratio to broker allows for deeper focus vs. wide…higher volume of accounts/sku’s per broker). CPGBrokers focus is using the most updated business intelligence to gain advantage and to identify new distribution, sales opportunities and a supportive cost effective trade show calendar of events and budget to support sales objectives.

Key focus is on 1) profile of items in distribution and items targeted for new authorization, 2) Sales trending by month, 3) promotion calendar planning (See example chart below) and 4) key distribution metrics:


In fact, we can provide direct broker support across food, drug, mass, independent wholesale drug, military, DIY, beauty, and All Natural nationally.

If you’d like to work with a group that focuses on your needs and the importance of planning, and will do the research necessary to be successful, you’ve come to the right place.

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