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Does the internet disrupt all media...or just print?.

In the great religion of the internet, there is unshakeable belief that the internet is a disruptive technology – technology that changes industries by destroying old structures. (This requires ignoring the fact that revolution all-too-often replaces the mediocre with the bad.) In the 1990â€ēs, belief in disruption led to exaggerated claims about how the Internet would change everything – even replacing retail stores. Reality, consumer behavior, common sense, and the dot-com bust intervened. Retail stores are now stronger than ever – and they leverage the strengths of internet based communication. Still seeking disruption, the claim was narrowed to media. And there has developed among the internet advocates and their co-religionists in media companies a nearly unshakeable belief that the internet is disruptive for all media. They find a foundation for their belief in the current chaos