Delta Air Lines Tag

The rise of social media and the growing urgency of transparency made it inevitable for Delta Air Lines to create its own customer service Twitter handle, according to Allison Ausband, the vice president of reservation sales and customer care, who spoke at last week’s Realtime NY 11 conference. “We didn’t have an option but to jump in and participate,” Ausband said. @DeltaAssist was a means to tap into the real-time conversations already happening on Twitter, and thus a way to craft real-time responses. Stuck in a bathroom without toilet paper? Had a flight inexplicably canceled? A tweet to @DeltaAssist would be there to get your problem solved, Ausband said. The Twitter handle was launched in May 2010 with four customer service representatives and would eventually grow to 12 full-time dedicated agents, boasting more than 60,000 response tweets. So how exactly did Ausband build @DeltaAssist to where it is today?