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I once sat in a meeting discussing a highly successful TV campaign. Underlying the discussion there’s this funny unspoken question from the brand side of the house: “How can it be good branding if it sold so well?” The truth is that product is your best way to build brand. But this has been lost by the billion dollar brand consultancies and amidst the plethora of marketing PhD dissertations – with collusion from creative teams who learn the hard way that their best opportunity to get the NEXT ad job is to ignore product in THIS one. Consider the brand ecosystem chart Forrester tweeted today. (Link here.) I challenge you to find product in this brand activity chart. Oh, yes. It’s there…somewhere…amidst all the complexity. It took me a while to find it. But the product seems to be hidden

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="184" caption="Image via Wikipedia"][/caption] The year 2010 will go down as the year that the United States officially emerged from The Great Recession, the longest and deepest recession to hit this country since The Great Depression. Certainly, the economy has shown signs of...

Strom Thurmond was my wingman in college. Not literally, of course. I only met him once, for about a minute in the spring of 2000. But I got a story out of that meeting that I would later tell to almost every girl I ever tried to impress. Part of that stems from the fact that I went to a university where people talk about politics all the time, but mostly it’s just a really funny story. But I can’t tell it to you. It’s totally apolitical and G-rated. I now tell it in lots of non-date scenarios, including once in a successful job interview, but it would flop on a blog because to tell it right, I have to be able to touch your elbow at one point. The story falls apart without that gesture. And that’s why I told it over and over again. Touching someone, even briefly, creates a bond. You’re creating a literal symbol of the personal connection you now share. It is powerful voodoo.

Does the internet disrupt all media...or just print?.

In the great religion of the internet, there is unshakeable belief that the internet is a disruptive technology – technology that changes industries by destroying old structures. (This requires ignoring the fact that revolution all-too-often replaces the mediocre with the bad.) In the 1990′s, belief in disruption led to exaggerated claims about how the Internet would change everything – even replacing retail stores. Reality, consumer behavior, common sense, and the dot-com bust intervened. Retail stores are now stronger than ever – and they leverage the strengths of internet based communication. Still seeking disruption, the claim was narrowed to media. And there has developed among the internet advocates and their co-religionists in media companies a nearly unshakeable belief that the internet is disruptive for all media. They find a foundation for their belief in the current chaos

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Summit 2011 Helps Participants Discover Insights to Stimulate Growth, Provoke New Thinking, Illuminate the Way Forward and Foster Real Competitive Advantage CHICAGO, Dec. 22, 2010 - The "new normal" is an intensely competitive world where every single leg up matters for CPG retailers and manufacturers, who are doing everything they can to compete and win with shoppers. Because shoppers will separate the winners from the losers in 2011, the SymphonyIRI Group Summit 2011 will focus on "Gaining the Competitive Edge." The action-oriented forum, taking place March 28-30, 2011 at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach, will provide actionable strategies

Retailers must understand the details behind shoppers’ purchasing decisions if they are to enjoy continued success on the store brand front. Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) Related articles Consumers Celebrating Practicality This Holiday Season Reveals SymphonyIRI Research ( A New Report by American Express Identifies 'A New Era of Pause...

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In the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry, World Class Customer Service is demanded to ensure a customer centric approach in dealing with customers to maintain a competitive advantage in management of products and services in the marketplace; implementing the right strategies to reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction across all potential customer touch-points become sources of a competitive differentiation: Planning and Business Development; Create relationship and interface with external and internal customers in an effort to understand the needs of each group. Define based on industry. Based on needs, develops and implements new strategies to provide the desired level of service to stakeholders continuously improving customer experiences. Innovation- Business Process Improvement; Directs initiatives, driving stakeholder and or cross-functional collaboration to insure high quality decisions and results are achieved. Researches, evaluates and recommends outsource solutions in an effort

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We’ve been sold the grand myth of social media marketing based on some rather flakey ideas. In particular, the ad biz has somehow convinced itself that the vast majority of consumers have a driving desire to be a company’s friend. Now a study by the Harvard Business Review and the Corporate Executive Board suggests there are significant limits to a company’s potential intimacy with its consumers. This study started by looking at consumer relationships with qualified counter help – like the people at an airline counter. In studying physical behavior and shopping behavior they concluded that people very often