Thanksgiving Is Great for Consumer Packaged Goods

Thanksgiving Is Great for Consumer Packaged Goods

Google CPG held their first “Dig Into Data” session, where we explored holiday recipe opportunities for advertisers. There are over 500M recipes [1] during the holiday season, which makes November and December a critical time to win for CPG advertisers. Not only have we consistently seen searches spiking around the holidays, but the volume of searches has increased year over year, as depicted here:

Interestingly, both the Super Bowl and Cinco De Mayo appear to have become more popular holiday eating occasions within the last four years.

Consumer Packaged Goods Recipe For Success

During the winter holidays, people are 3x more likely to be searching for “easy recipes”, what a great opportunity to improve brand! As Google dug through the data,  Thanksgiving recipe Searchers often prepare in 3 phases (Research, Plan, and Last Minute). Among the core items searched for, the items broke down into Pie, Turkey, and sides, with 30% of the market waiting for the last-minute. If you are in the consumer packaged goods food sector, there is still time to gather your favorite recipes and promote them with your products either in-store or online. If you like this story, please register at the top right and we will inform of other great opportunities, white papers, and industry trends as they happen. If you are looking for a great CPG Broker please contact use for a no obligation review of how we can maximize your current sku distribution.

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