CPG Search Story

CPG Search Story

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What is your Search Story? We live in a day that when we learn our daughter is dating a new guy you ask your spouse; “Did you him?” As the internet grows and we participate in the digital revolution we leave a digital history that is readily accessible to everyone. Consumer Packaged Goods is more than a product, it is a brand, and a brand has (should have) a story. So what story does your brand tell the world when you are “Googled” ? If you do not like your Google search story, what are your plans to change it?

We recently posted our own mock search in our about us page to better grow our online search story.

Google has been running a campaign called “Search Stories”, a concept brought to light during the 2010 super bowl, detailing how Google research was used by an American to fall in love and live happily ever after in Paris …

What is your “search story” if someone were to look you up?

We recently reposted a Google search story called “Run On” about health habits. Although the plot of the story was health, the moral of the story was the empowerment that comes with reaching—and even exceeding your goals. Today’s technology and instant access to data makes exceeding your product goals truly attainable. The goal of every wholesaler and retailer in the Consumer Packaged Goods sector should be how to incorporate today’s technology to make your supply chain lean while responding to the instant market place and growing your results. The current opportunities are extraordinary.  If you missed the video below take a look, it tells a great story, then consider; what’s the story you want the world to learn about your brand.

If you are a  wholesaler or retailer in the consumer packaged goods industry and looking for unexplored opportunities to maximize distribution, please contact us for a no obligation review of how our expertise can benefit your organization.

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