Marketers! Use A Little Love When Dealing With Angry Retail Customers

Marketers! Use A Little Love When Dealing With Angry Retail Customers

Angry Retail Customers Are A Marketers Dream? Can Be…

This guest post is by Daley Epstein, a contributing writer for SmartBrief.

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Whether your a retailer or distributor, when an angry, dissatisfied customer uses Twitter, it doesn’t matter whether he’s a big or little spender  — each post holds the same presence on the Internet, said Rob La Gesse, director of media marketing at Rackspace Hosting.  La Gesse suggests an old-fashioned, yet underused, approach toward social media: Customer love. He offers three things to keep in mind when dealing with an upset customer:

  • Don’t freak out. Costumers aren’t evil!
  • Customers need your help and may need to vent, let them.
  • If your company broke a promise or you have a broken process, its better to have an angry customer than a lost customer.

“If you don’t love working with customers, you shouldn’t be in retail marketing anyway”, La Gesse said. “Retail is supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it.”

Part of the challenge retailers have is to educate and amaze the customer. Companies can educate customers by teaching them what they are misunderstanding or doing wrong, and how they can avoid making that mistake again.

Retail Customer Are Always Right, Except When They Are Wrong.

“The customer is not always right,” he says. And when the customers aren’t right, it’s up to you to patiently set them straight. We often underestimate the effect that simple acts of kindness can have on a retail customer, so humanizing your relationship with the customer and showing them you actually care can be huge. Many fast moving goods companies fail to personalize the relationships with their customers — so every bad step you take will be noticed and its easy to stay mad at when there is no personal touch to your distribution.

Be Personal And Your Retail Customers Will Love You

Being personal is crucial to retail and social marketing success, so don’t be afraid to admit if you make a mistake. Be transparent and admit you erred. How you react to your mistake is the key aspect in the entire incident.

Above all, caring is the most important thing. So when evaluating your company’s success either as a retail or distribution marketer, “remember to measure your ROI in happy customers — not dollars,” La Gesse said.

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