Win with Convenience Store Shoppers

Win with Convenience Store Shoppers

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Convenience store shoppers are continuing to redefine what value means and are putting an increased emphasis on affordability. They are turning to private brands, harnessing social media, blogs and online information to research purchases more carefully, downloading coupons at home, and engaging with retailers that can provide the best combination of low prices and convenience. To examine this dramatic shift in the U.S. consumer base, CPG thought leader Thom Blischok will present 2010: Preparing for ‘Business as Unusual’ in the C-Store Industry and unveil comprehensive research that will define U.S. convenience store shopper behavior in the coming months and years.

The economic climate has created significant changes in shopper behaviors and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future. Consumers have become “strategic shoppers” by necessity. They are buying less, buying what is only needed, and sticking to a budget. Blischok’s presentation will provide a deep understanding of these new shopping behaviors and will include recommendations for convenience store retailers and manufacturers to help maximize the opportunities created by an in-depth understanding of the 2010 shopper.

Blischok’s presentation will address such critical questions as:

* How has shopping behavior changed in 2010?
* How can convenience store retailers and manufacturers rewire their merchandising and marketing efforts to compete effectively?
* What behavioral changes will flourish in the remainder of 2010?
* Are these new shopping behaviors and rituals permanent?

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