Blog: Consumer Trends for 2011

Blog: Consumer Trends for 2011

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Over the last several months, there have been indications of a change in tone regarding the economy – though the last few weeks seem to have taken things back a few steps.

While there have been glimmers of optimism, and even some gains in stock markets around the world, the recent events in Egypt and Libya, and talk of record gas prices create a new sense of uncertainty. Consumers know that a rise in gas prices will impact multiple areas of their budgets, from groceries to clothing to entertainment. Many who had just begun loosening their purse strings now find themselves wondering if they ought to go back to pinching pennies.

Given the ups and downs of the economy, the points of reference that framed our view of customers in 2010 are no longer going to be completely accurate. A changing economy means a changing consumer, and we as an industry need to make sure we are adjusting our strategies accordingly.

Quester is teaming up with SymphonyIRI to share our insights at Summit 2011 in March. I hope you’ll join me, along with Paul Lainis from SymphonyIRI, at this session, entitled “2010 State of the State: Macro Trends and Benchmarks for Tracking and Improving Success in 2011,” as we compare this year’s consumer behavior with last year, so you can have the right tools to improve your business.

Andrea Richards and Paul Lainis will be presenting their session on Wednesday, March 30 at 2 p.m. in Glimmer 6/7. Check out the calendar for this year so you can plan your time at Summit!

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