Webinar Replay: National Confectioners Association

Webinar Replay: National Confectioners Association

National Confectioners Association & SymphonyIRI Webinar

2010 – Business as Unusual: Understanding the Shopper in the New Decade

As a lasting financial concern sinks in and tactics designed to help consumers survive transform into permanent frugal shopping habits, 2010 truly is a year of business as unusual. As this new economic sobriety takes hold, what is the future of confectionery and snack products? Sales are tracking in this category, despite the economic downturn.

Where are the greatest opportunities for manufacturers and retailers to continue the success of confectionery and snacks – an oasis of growth in an otherwise challenging retail environment?

In this webinar, Thom Blischok will give his perspective on the current mindset of the American shopper relative to the confectionery and snacks landscape and how manufacturers and retailers can tap into these attitudes to give the consumer exactly what they are looking for. Find out how shoppers are making purchase decisions today, all the way from their in-home preparation to the checkout line, so that you can connect with them in the right time and in the right way to influence purchase. You will also discover what lies ahead for the sales of confectionery and snacks and the key trends and strategies to leverage for success.

* Discover how, where and why consumers are making confectionery and snack purchase decisions.

* Present shoppers with the right product and package size at the right price, in the right place and at the right time.

* Poise yourself for the future of the industry with a glimpse into the next wave of category innovation as well as the emerging trends to watch.

Host: Thom Blischok, Global President of Innovation & Strategy, SymphonyIRI Group

Duration: 60 Minutes

Information Resources, Inc. (IRI)

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