Times and Trends: CPG Year in Review: Out of Turmoil Rises Opportunity

Times and Trends: CPG Year in Review: Out of Turmoil Rises Opportunity

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The year 2010 will go down as the year that the United States officially emerged from The Great Recession, the longest and deepest recession to hit this country since The Great Depression. Certainly, the economy has shown signs of improvement.

In 2010, the CPG industry also demonstrated signs of improvement. On average and across CPG channels, unit sales declines slowed markedly, virtually flattening. Some channels, departments and categories saw sales trends turn positive for the first time in over five quarters.

As 2011 unfolds, the CPG industry will continue to serve a very conservative consumer base. Inflating prices will add a layer of complexity to the already difficult task of balancing the value proposition versus margin and share goals. Still, it is a time of opportunity for CPG marketers.

To capitalize on these opportunities, CPG marketers must act with a clear and precise understanding of the changing attitudes, needs and behaviors of their most important shopper and target segments.

This issue of Times & Trends explores economic, channel, department and category performance throughout the past year. The report is intended to help CPG marketers understand market opportunities and risks by benchmarking performance versus the industry, and act on this knowledge with confidence and agility.

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