World Class Customer Service Key To Consumer Goods Product Management

World Class Customer Service Key To Consumer Goods Product Management

TICSS Customer Service Measurement Model

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CRM Overview:

In the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry, World Class Customer Service is demanded to ensure a customer centric approach in dealing with customers to maintain a competitive advantage in management of products and services in the marketplace; implementing the right strategies to reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction across all potential customer touch-points, become sources of a competitive differentiation:

Planning and Business Development; Create relationship and interface with external and internal customers in an effort to understand the needs of each group. Define based on industry. Based on needs, develops and implements new strategies to provide the desired level of service to stakeholders continuously improving customer experiences.

Innovation- Business Process Improvement; Directs initiatives, driving stakeholder and or cross-functional collaboration to insure high quality decisions and results are achieved. Researches, evaluates and recommends outsource solutions in an effort to reduce operating expenses without sacrificing service levels.

Customer Service Operations; Leads strategy and implementation of all customer service functional areas, including order entry and order management; reporting, measures and metrics; product knowledge and training; Order to Cash processes; and Key Accounts and Customer Relations, and Call Center / Customer Support Service.

Technology- CRP applications; Evaluate organization requirements reviewing comprehensive CRM software solutions available for small and medium size businesses; Customizable features can include an “escalation alert” that can be tailored to specific situations when a supervisor would be notified if a customer service situation exceeds certain parameters.


General Metrics;

  1. Service Levels – For Call Centers, Service Desks, first call resolution.  Shipping operation, product delivery and project implementation, on time performance is the measuring stick for high transaction businesses. The first transaction with a customer will be key determinant of whether customer will return.  Timeliness and thoroughness will remain important.
  2. Customer Retention – utilization is best indicator of customer’s dedication to your service. Use this metric to understand who is at risk at contract time if applicable. Monitoring repeat business will help business understand if products/services are taking. Key is knowing which customers are using or buying different parts/sku’s of business…key to focusing on driving retention strategies.
  3. Response Time – benchmark competition and beat them (Respond less than X hours); measuring in terms of what competition is doing and beat them goal.
  4. Time with a customer – set benchmark for call duration to ensure identification of target (Set benchmark for call duration and general time with customer in relation to the ultimate goal of first call resolution.
  5. Churn – cancellations and returns are equivalent to churn. Understand why are you losing customers? Take to next level for follow-up surveys, phone calls, personalized ‘how can we ge back to you’ emails. This survey information can serve as real business insight for understanding with business was lost.

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