What Savvy Shoppers Mean for CPG

What Savvy Shoppers Mean for CPG

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The rise of food blogging and online recipe sites has really driven home the point that consumers are turning to technology for their cooking needs. We used to thumb through the pages of cookbooks to decide what to make for tonight’s dinner. Now, we plug our requirements into a search engine, sort through the best rated recipes, and read how others have spiced it up before pulling out our chopping boards. To give you a sense for how prevalent this trend is, last year Google received over 6.1 Billion searches for food and recipes in the US alone. And that doesn’t even include beverage searches.

But the food industry isn’t the only one affected by consumer’s changing digital habits. Now, grocery shoppers actually begin the path to purchase long before entering the store. They research, hunt for sales and coupons online, and even check in with their online communities for recommendations.

In a session called “The New Moment of Truth” at Summit 2011, I will discuss why the consumer’s changing media and shopping habits necessitate the inclusion of a digital strategy in your integrated shopper marketing plans. Discover how search query data is now being used to drive onlin

Catherine Roe will be presenting her session on Tuesday, March 29 at 3:15 p.m. in Glimmer 5. Check out the Summit 2011 calendar to plan for an action packed event!

Catherine Roe is head of CPG sales for Google.

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