Sustainability Recycling Solution Creates Effective Business Development Leverage Across CPG Industries

Sustainability Recycling Solution Creates Effective Business Development Leverage Across CPG Industries

Sustainability Initiatives Present Tremendous Opportunities.


Today, with companies seeking green and/or sustainability type initiatives, there are tremendous opportunities to implement waste stream optimization strategies in their supply chain, field, and corporate front office (plastic and paper recycle bins) as well as back office (Warehouse / distribution) operations.

Companies like Sustainability Recycling Co. (, provide sustainable solutions that can help companies identify, benchmark, and implement the ‘perfect local solutions’ that can be scaled on a regional and national basis.

  • Diversion strategy…”recycle first…landfill last”…utilize site’s baler and/or compactor equipment to capture 100% of the recyclable cardboard to maximize recyclables rebate, helping offset disposal costs for that portion of the waste material. Leverage the value of the recovered cardboard to subsidize hauling costs, drives cost out of waste stream process.
    • Use of optimal equipment, segregation processes to include work flow and signage, will generate varied results, given the location’s continued success in not disposing of recyclable material in landfills upon program start-up. You may click to read more about how the proper utilisation of signange can have a considerably positive impact on the results.
    • Consideration will be given to utilize back haul and/or reverse logistics moves to aggregate material back to larger facilities to process recyclables.
  • Address worker safety by reducing risks by eliminating cutting corrugated dunnage from rail cars and/or inefficiently disposing of corrugated into waste containers.
  • Optimize utilization of driver and trailer equipment, if better solution involves generating transportation revenue hauling materials to recycler; this in lieu of paying higher haul rates to waste and recycler companies.
  • Install new ‘Sustainability Program’ reporting which captures avoidance of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, reduced KWh energy, and preserved resources in the form of fewer trees, gallons of water, consumption of oil, and reduced cubic yards of landfill. Other plastic recyclable benefits are captured in addition to corrugated materials.
    • Sustainability Reporting and demonstrated capability, provides increased leverage and goodwill for new business development opportunities.

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