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Though the U.S. economy has shown some positive movement, many consumers remain entrenched in a daily struggle to make ends meet. The silver lining in this economic cloud is the outstanding resilience demonstrated by the American people. Resilience can be seen across a wide range of daily rituals, from eating and health care, to home care and pet care. At the heart of these rituals is the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. Throughout the economic downturn, consumers have relied on

Retailers must understand the details behind shoppers’ purchasing decisions if they are to enjoy continued success on the store brand front. Information Resources, Inc. (IRI) Related articles Consumers Celebrating Practicality This Holiday Season Reveals SymphonyIRI Research ( A New Report by American Express Identifies 'A New Era of Pause...

TIMES & TRENDS: THE NEW PATH TO PURCHASE An Escalation of Channel & Consumption Migration Throughout the economic downturn, consumers have relied on packaged goods companies to help them meet their daily needs on extremely tight budgets. Today’s shoppers are very discerning and have demonstrated a willingness to shop across channels in order to maximize the return on their CPG investment. Retailers that fail to closely track and meet their customers’ needs quickly are

End-user confusion about drills and drivers is rampant – although the model in this stock photo looks more bored than confused.

Consumer Packaged Goods, What's in a name... Tool makers have created a wilderness of product, category and project names that stand in the way of revenue and market share growth. And no category is more confused than drills and drivers. At the Oregon State Fair recently I ran into some impact drivers from a major brand. You know impact drivers – those great compact tools that use small bursts of torque to deliver turning power around the screw, bolt or nut. “Impact driver” is a strong label for the category of tools because they are used by pro and DIY alike primarily to drive screws and self-tapping hex headed screws (e.g. those used for steel studs). Impact drivers are also used, but less often, to drive lag bolts, remove small stuck bolts, and in a few other driving situations. In other words, from both the pro and DIY end user point of view, they are an evolution of the drill/driver. But at the fair, the boxes were labeled “impact wrench”. Huh? An impact wrench? An impact wrench is a big tool used on cars, trucks, and in factories that delivers 2500 to 7000 in-lbs of torque and is used for the heaviest duty work on cars and trucks. It also exclusively drives sockets and is used on heavy bolts. But the tool in that package was an impact driver – a tool that delivers small bursts of usually 500 to 1300 in-lbs of torque – torque that is light enough to drive screws or hex head screws without breaking them. How can we expect consumers to buy products without consistent categories and names?

Earlier this year, the American Beverage Association (ABA), Washington, D.C., reported that America’s leading beverage companies have reduced the calories in beverages shipped to U.S. schools by 88 percent since 2004. The results show that the ABA and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a...

Consumer Packaged Goods Confectioners Conference

Mark Your Calendar February 16-19, 2011
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Location: Fontainebleau Resort - Miami, FL Description: The National Confectioners Association's annual State of the Industry Conference is a great opportunity for the consumer packaged goods industry to come together, learn and actively participate in stimulating discussions. The experts presentations offer opportunities to develop immediate and long-term personal business strategies to take home to your colleagues. Topic: "From Fact to Act" - Sergeant Joe Friday wouldn't cut it in today's marketplace, as the proliferation of tactics and data have left retailers and manufacturers demanding more than "just the facts, ma'am." More and more, manufacturers and retailers must think about

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Convenience store shoppers are continuing to redefine what value means and are putting an increased emphasis on affordability. They are turning to private brands, harnessing social media, blogs and online information to research purchases more carefully, downloading coupons at home, and engaging with retailers that can provide the best combination of low prices and convenience. To examine this dramatic shift in the U.S. consumer base, CPG thought leader Thom Blischok will present 2010: Preparing for ‘Business as Unusual’ in the C-Store Industry and unveil comprehensive research that will