Blog: The Offline Impact of Search Advertising

Blog: The Offline Impact of Search Advertising

On Thursday, SymphonyIRI’s Director of Testing and Media Solutions, Debra Eskra, will present a study to help CPG manufacturers learn through measured research about the offline impact of search advertising when brands take advantage of their search opportunities.

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The presentation, “Case Studies & Learnings for Consumer Packaged Goods,” is one in a three-part series of ThinkCPG and Google Webinars. Additional presentations include a case study from Quaker Instant Oatmeal that explores the utilization of YouTube and the Google Display Network within a specific campaign and its effect on private label sales and a Benchmark Study from Google Inc.’s CPG Germany on methods to evaluate Search and YouTube ROI in comparison to traditional media.

SymphonyIRI’s Debra Eskra will also cover the impact of search advertising on private label sales. To register for this Webinar, visit Google’s Agency Ad Solutions Blog.

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