Affordable Health & Wellness: A New $ 100 Billion Market

Affordable Health & Wellness: A New $ 100 Billion Market

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FMI & SymphonyIRI Group Webinar
Affordable Health & Wellness: A New $ 100 Billion Market

Now more than ever, shoppers are looking for health and wellness solutions which meet their needs to both maintain an overall shopping budget and keep feeling healthy. To accomplish these goals, many shoppers are opting out of visiting professionals and shifting to at-home treatments and rituals—a trend which puts CPG products and retailers in a position of influence in this space more than ever before. In this webinar, SymphonyIRI President of Global Strategy & Innovation Thom Blischok gives his perspective on the current mindset of the American shopper relative to the health and wellness landscape.

There is currently an enormous market opportunity to redefine health and wellness as it stands today, but successfully executing this requires a thorough understanding of the habits, decision drivers, and viewpoints of health and wellness shoppers. Blischok reviews key criteria in connecting to the needs of these shoppers as well as how they view affordability in the health and wellness space.

Blischok’s presentation addresses the following key topics:

* A 360-degree view of how shoppers define “affordable health and wellness”
* The good, the bad, and the ugly surrounding today’s health and wellness shoppers uncovered from a detailed survey of more than 1,000 shoppers
* How shoppers are making their health and wellness decisions, and where the new “moment of truth” is for these shoppers
* How health and wellness shoppers deal with the “weight” of today’s promotional and deal activities and if they think shopping has become too complex

Host: Thom Blischok, Global President of Innovation & Strategy, SymphonyIRI Group

Duration: 60 Minutes

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