Blog: Escalation of Channel & Consumption Migration

Blog: Escalation of Channel & Consumption Migration

Webinar: September 9, 2010

By Susan Viamari, Editor of Times and Trends for SymphonyIRI Group

SymphonyIRI Group will be hosting a Webinar this week about the latest Times & Trends report titled, “A New Path to Purchase: An Escalation of Channel & Consumption Migration.” The webinar will be hosted by Susan Viamari, SymphonyIRI’s editor of Times & Trends.

This Thursday’s Webinar will provide the following insights into channel migration:

1. Cross channel shopping has become a well-entrenched part of the CPG shopping experience; three-quarters of consumers shop in five or more channels to meet their CPG needs

2. After escalating sharply at the height of the recession, trip behavior has slowed; average basket has also slipped, driven by changing trip mission trends and associated channel behavior

3. Channel behavior varies across CPG departments; the dollar channel is the only channel that posted share gains across departments during the past year

4. Drug and supercenter channels are performing well in health and beauty care, while grocers have demonstrated strength across several key meal-related categories and in general merchandise

5. Drug, club and dollar retailers continue to see share growth across their heaviest shoppers, while supercenters lost considerable share among this important consumer segment

For each of these individual insights, there is a specific action that must be taken by manufacturer and retailers in the CPG industry. This webinar will explore the changing CPG landscape and how to create successful marketing tactics and actions that allow your brand to keep up with competing industry leaders.

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The live webinar will take place on Thursday, September 9th at 2:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM PT. The Webinar will also be available online after Monday, September 13th for downloading.

For more information & registration details please click here – or visit

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