Sweets for My Sweet

Sweets for My Sweet

Posted by Jenny Liu, Industry Marketing Manager, CPG

They say that people are cooking more and eating out less, a trend which may even carry over to Valentine’s Day this year. So what will people be cooking up in the kitchen?

A peek at Google Insights for Search trends reveals some popular entrees, desserts and even breakfasts on the menu:

Couples are getting into the mood with fine cuts of meat like filet mignon and seafood, and experimenting with interactive recipes, like fondue. But nothing seems to beat lobster!

No Valentine’s Day is complete without dessert. Chocolate cake and chocolate fondue are extremely popular, but let’s not discount non-chocolate favorites like cheescake, red velvet cake and decorated V-day sugar cookies!

Perhaps because desserts take time to bake, cool and perfect, recipe searches for these dessert items started to spike several days earlier than non-dessert items.

But Valentine’s Day doesn’t just stop with a romantic dinner; we see evidence of couples continuing the celebration with breakfast. The most popular item on that menu is the pancake, followed by eggs and french toast. Interestingly, crepes and waffles trended neck and neck last year.

Whatever you may have on the menu, we hope it is romantically delicious!
Have a wonderful Valentine’s day!

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