Webinar Replay: The 2010 Lower-Income Shopper

Webinar Replay: The 2010 Lower-Income Shopper

Effectively Serving Diverse Micro-Segments

With widely varying household compositions, cultural backgrounds, shopping behaviors and attitudes, lower-income shoppers are one of the most misunderstood consumer groups today. Many retailers and manufacturers are taking a one-size-fits-all approach to reaching these shoppers, but with a $ 115 billion opportunity at stake over the next decade and increasing competition to win their share of wallet, a mass market view of lower-income shoppers will not be enough to win their loyalty. Only those who embrace a micro-segmentation strategy to truly understand the needs and wants of these varied, nuanced shopper groups will be able to serve them effectively and profitably.

What are the key attitudinal and behavioral differences among lower-income shopper micro-segments that CPG marketers must understand to win more than their fair share of this sizeable opportunity?

Based on the leading-edge “2010 Lower-Income Shopper Report,” this webinar reviews topline results of a cross-demographic, cross-channel, and cross-category analysis with meaningful implications and recommended action steps for those serious about building loyalty with these shoppers. This forward-looking, action-oriented analysis focuses on understanding recessionary spending behavior and attitudes of key lower-income micro-segments that are driving CPG growth at retail today. Learn about five key lower-income micro-segments, including what is important to each segment, what it will take for you to be successful in serving their changing needs, and case examples of how best-in-class marketers are achieving success in serving these shoppers today.

* Discover distinct channel, category, branded vs. private label, and shopping trip purchase patterns of key lower-income shopper micro-segments and how knowledge of these patterns presents key opportunities at retail.
* Gain fact-based support for impactful lower-income shopper segmentation, store clustering and other initiatives that you can implement across traditional and non-traditional channels.
* Leverage new insights about lower-income shopper segments to provide strong shopper-focused differentiation that enables new center store sales growth.

Host: Sean Seitzinger, Senior Vice President, Symphony Consulting

Duration: 60 Minutes

Information Resources, Inc. (IRI)

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