YouTube Holiday Marketing

YouTube Holiday Marketing

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Original post written by Jennifer Wasson, You Tube Team

This holiday season, we’ve prepared YouTube marketing strategies to help you take advantage of this time of the year on the top online video destination.

Tip #1: Customize your YouTube Brand Channel
Just as a retail store would dress up its window during the holidays, take advantage of enhanced features to customize your channel. For example, you can showcase your products with the 300×250 display ad; integrate all of your social media efforts with the channel banner that appears at the top of your channel page; and stay connected with your customers with a remarketing campain that targets users who have visited your YouTube channel.

Tip #2: Show off your products through video this holiday season
YouTube is the second-largest search engine after Google. You probably have a search engine strategy for the top search engines—is YouTube included in that plan? Videos are a compelling way to feature your products, services, and your brand. When your target audience is searching on YouTube make sure your videos are surfaced with promoted videos.

Tip #3: Place your holiday creatives against relative videos
Reach your audience in a ‘lean forward’ media platform where people are seeking video engagement and information. Find videos or video categories that resonate with your brand or target audience and pair your holiday display ads against them.

Tip #4: Bring your holiday TV ads online
In 2009, people spent more time watching online video than checking their email! Use your TV creatives or your online videos to run as preroll before videos on YouTube and get in front of this tremendous audience. Engagement rates are also compelling with an average CTR of 1.9%. An ad format that answers your holiday wish.

Tip #5: YouTube Video Gift Guide
Now consumers have a place to watch and shop on YouTube! This holiday shopping video hub is open to all advertising partners with video assets. Our guide provides consumers with the opportunity to watch and shop and provide advertisers with one destination to showcase their holiday video ads. Contact a sales representative to get started.

We’ve made your list, now check it twice and have a great holiday season!

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