eb5: rebrand and reposition


CPGBrokers & Associates starting working with eb5 Corporation in 2013.



Coming out of JCPenney’s (JCP) in late 2010, the eb5 brand had to re-invent itself in mass market. With over 30 years success in JCP, the brand launched into a few key accounts, but realized that the packaging and non-natural (paraben) ingredients, would continue to erode eb5 sales and share within anti-aging and skin care category. The brand also required a sales force to support the eventual refresh of brand, and build new distribution.

eb5 Corporation required a complete review of the eb5 brand; the outside packaging (color/size), the bottle/jar (size/specification), the ingredients, the copy/text on packaging and the Marketing to support the change. CPGBrokers joined the effort in 2013, and supported the current business and the new project re-launching brand in the summer of 2014.

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The eb5 brand successfully executed all the packaging, product, and Marketing changes necessary to effectively compete in the skin care category. The focus group research, that over 81% of consumers claimed they probably or definitely would consider buying eb5 products. With extensive work with the labs, the healthy preservative system were maintained, but the new eb5 reformulation achieved claims on packaging to include paraben-free, allergy and dermatologist tested, non GMO, vegan, gluten free, and never tested on animals. This was key to repositioning in the marketplace and provided CPGBrokers with a new point of difference that CPGBrokers would then exploit in the selling effort going forward.

In addition, CPGBrokers helped strengthen the broker structure by evaluating performance/fit to position for manufacturer for re-launch of brand. New contract amendments with increased incentives were developed to promote prioritization. CPGBrokers help position the change and final decisions that translated all the refresh messaging and development of Sales presentations to improve sales closure rate.



By 2016, new mass market ACV distribution increased by 20% in 2015, and new national chain wide distribution via Sears Holdings (Kmart), launched early in 2016. Product expanded nationally into independent drug wholesaler Cardinal in 2015, with new PDQ product offering. CPGBrokers provided direction to benchmark all ingredients and the leverage brands point of differentiation to contrast brand vs. industry in category.

This positioning was key to introducing change (BTB) via buying shows at ECRM, NACDS, and GMDC and better communicate to consumer (BTC) the premium quality, safe, but effective at a value price. Parallel to brick-n-mortar, CPGBrokers dedicated resources to update and add new strategic ecommerce sites utilizing best practices to update images, text, functionality or order placement, and site audits to ensure MAP pricing compliance.[/three_fourth]

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