Independent Pharmacy Growth

Tiger Balm

Independent Pharmacy Growth

Open the door to new sales opportunities by stocking Tiger Balm® – the fastest-growing brand in the external analgesic category….three years running double digit growth!

According to Neilsen F/D/M, Tiger Balm® continues to top the charts with a 10% growth rate during the 52-week period ending December 26, 2011 compared to just 4% growth for the category as a whole – an 6 point growth spread vs. the category, which continues a growth trend that dates back to 2009.

Tiger Balm’s success was led by the anchor products: Tiger Balm® Ultra Ointment (13% growth). Tiger Balm® Pain Relieving Patch (12% growth), and Tiger Balm® Extra Strength Ointment (8% growth.


Meanwhile, the brand’s newest offering, Tiger Balm® Neck & Shoulder Rub, is bringing a new kind of consumer into the category – people whose aches and pains are caused by work stress, tension, and sitting at a desk for long periods of time.“When pain sufferers seek Pain Relief Without the Pills® they head to their nearest big retail chain for Tiger Balm®,” said Kenneth Yeung, Founder and President of Prince of Peace Enterprises, Inc., the sole licensed U.S. distributor for all Tiger Balm® products. “As the tremendous growth figures illustrate, there is ample opportunity for independent retailers to gain a share of that consumer spending by adding Tiger Balm® to their shelves.”

Commitment to the wholesale drug and pharmacy category

Prince of Peace Enterprises recognizes the importance of the wholesale channel and has hired Jim Embry of CPG Brokers to manage this segment for the Tiger Balm® brand. Jim has spent more than two decades building relationships across food and drug channels, and helping brands and independent retail partners work together to refine in-store marketing and distribution methods. His experience, reputation throughout the industry, and commitment to creating bottom-line results for our wholesale/retailer partners have made him a key contributor to Tiger Balm’s® sales growth.

Tiger Balm® products are available at most drug wholesalers at

This article was written by Mike Jarrett, National Sales Manager at Prince of Peace Enterprises, and posted by Jim Embry. Contact Mike at or 510-723-2417. You can reach Jim Embry at, or, if you are looking for an expert as a consumer packaged goods broker.

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